WEDNESDAY MARCH 15, 2017 | 5:30PM-8:00PM

Sports Page Bar & Grill
535 25th St, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Join us and meet local author, runner and triathlete Lee DiPietro. Her book, “Against The Wind” details her successful run and athletic career and how it helped her when the going REALLY got tough! A great story with some incredible details… and a happy ending. Meet other members and join us for a great night! Free admission. Copies of the book will be available.  Please RSVP on Facebook or send an email to

Against The Wind is a story of the remarkable endurance required to become an Ironwoman and of the uncommon endurance it took to bring my family through an unimaginable year of heartache. The two are related, and that is the soul of Against the Wind: An Ironwoman’s Race for Her Family’s Survival.
This book is a 360º perspective on meeting the challenges of training for and racing in marathons, triathlons and finally the Ironman. Becoming an Ironwoman prepared me for a very personal test when the lives of those I love were threatened all at once. It is the stuff of novels, only this was my reality. – Lee DiPietro