With the welcome return of the Palm Beaches Marathon, our area is fortunate to have several structured programs that begin shortly.

Galloway Palm Beach

The very well-honed walk/run method begun by US Olympian Jeff Galloway begins training for the Palm Beaches Half Marathon this Saturday, August 26th. The group, led by experienced Galloway-certified trainer Lisa Reiss, will meet at Dunkin Donuts (803 Donald Ross Rd, Juno Beach, FL 33408) at 6 am Saturday morning. Please arrive a few minutes earlier to meet the team. This training program is for new and experienced runners looking to complete the 13.1-mile distance race on Sunday, December 3rd. The group develops designated leaders for different pace groups and meets each week. You are provided with a weekly plan and many tips on running gear, race nutrition, recovery, and more.

There is a fee to enroll in this program, which brings many runners into our community each season. For more information, please visit the Galloway Palm Beach Facebook Page, the Galloway Palm Beach website, or email to: runaracenow@gmail.com

Tri Bike Run Half Marathon Training Program

This program begins Saturday, Sept 9th at 6:30 am at Tri Bike Run (13975 US-1, Juno Beach, FL 33408) It is designed to help new runners achieve success in their first half marathon or allow experienced runners to better their time at the distance. The “goal race” is the Palm Beach Half Marathon on Sunday, Dec 3rd. Coach Spencer Cusmano details the program below…

“The idea behind this program is to accommodate a wide variety of runners. I would like the runners to be able to run 3 to 4 miles 3x a week or near this benchmark when they join. However, if they plan on walking they should be able to walk/run 3 miles before joining. I have created two plans to help with anyone that wants to run the race for time, or run/walk the race to just complete it. A rough outline of the 12-week program is to meet once a week on Saturday for our long run. Sunday will be a light/short day. I have scheduled 3 runs at a 4-7 mile distance during the week. One of the toughest things about training is sticking to the schedule, that is why we have this group to help people stay committed and working toward their goal. As the coach, I will hold people accountable, and keep them motivated. The goal is to prepare the runners for race day, make sure they are in shape, and that they stay healthy for race day.”

There is no charge for this program. More information on this half marathon training program can be found at the Tri Bike Run Facebook Page, by email to Coach Spencer at Cusman0S@Gmail.com, or by calling the store at (561) 627-2453