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Cardinal Newman
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Wed June 21st - 6:30 pm
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Where Flash Mob meets Run Fun!

Run 4 the Pies – Register today


Registration for the 15th Annual Run 4 the Pies is now open. This race will sell out!

  • Bibs to the first 1,400 registered
  • Pies to the first 1,500 finishers
  • Tech shirts to the first 1,800 registered
  • Finisher medals
  • Chip timing
  • Age awards
  • Food, music, and more…

Thursday, November 26 2015 – The 4-mile race starts at 8AM, Kid’s race at 7:15AM

Lisa Smith 720x340

Hi Palm Beach Roadrunner Lisa Smith,

How many miles per week do you run?:

I am actually a low mileage kinda girl. I have learned that my body does better with low mileage and more cross training. When I’m running every day my body gets broken down and needs more recovery and I find that sometimes those “extra” miles are actually “junk miles”. So now I try to have a purpose for each run and do more biking and swimming on my off days. If I’m training for a marathon I will run 4 maybe 5 days a week but when I’m training for a triathlon I only run 3-4 days.

764357-1138-0004sWhen I don’t run or work out my days just feel a bit empty and for me it helps keep me balanced and happy

When and why did you start running: 

I began running about 20 years ago after watching my husband run and compete in local races. I got tired of being a cheerleader and decided to give it a try. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on the thrill of training for a specific event and the excitement and sense of accomplishment that came with each race. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy being a “cheerleader” at the races  and watching those first timers experience the thrill of crossing the finish line.

Why do you run?: 

I can honestly say that I don’t love running but I do love how I feel when I’m running and the feeling I get when I complete a hard workout. Sometimes it’s hard to actually get out the door but once the shoes are laced up and I begin moving the sense of enjoyment soon follows. My dedication and commitment to running has helped me in other areas of my life. It’s a great way to jump start my day and the stress or hiccups that can come along the way don’t seem so great when I’ve had a good work out.   When I don’t run or work out my days just feel a bit empty and for me it helps keep me balanced and happy.

Currently training for:  

I am currently training for the Miami 70.3 Ironman race in October and of course the fun Fall and Winter races that PBRR puts on. I love the local races that begin in November. And after that I will consider training for another Ironman Race in 2015.

Do you prefer to run alone or in a group? Explain:

For most of my long runs I enjoy running with friends. They are great encouragers and it helps pass the time. However there are days when I just like to either run solo with or without my music so that I can focus on what my body is telling me to do for that workout.  And when I have specific goals for an upcoming race I sometimes need to run my own workouts so I can focus on the specific goal for that particular workout. As much fun as it is to run with friends, the long solo runs help prepare me for the mental challenge of race day.

Favorite race, run or distance:

My favorite race distance is a ½ marathon because it doesn’t take too much time to train for it and if I had to I could   go out and run a ½ marathon without much training and still enjoy it. I have always enjoyed the A1A ½ marathon since many fellow palm beach road runners usually run that race and it has a great party at the finish line. I also love the local races like Run for the Pies and the Classics by the Sea race since most of the locals run them as well.  If I had to recommend one race to someone to put on their bucket list it would have to be the Big Sur Marathon. I had the privilege of running it with a wonderful group of friends last Spring and we were absolutely blown away by the beauty of the course. This was a very enjoyable race and an experience I won’t soon forget.

Most memorable race or run? Explain:

It’s hard to pick a favorite or most memorable race. However, my first marathon will always be the most memorable. It was  the Disney Marathon and I’ll never forget the thrill of completing my first marathon and the pain I experienced after the race. The pain is like a badge you wear with pride after the race telling everyone, “Yeah, I just ran the Disney Marathon.” No medal needed to let everyone know. They just need to watch you walk down the stairs.  It was this race that hooked me into the racing community. I enjoyed the training and the people I met along the way. My husband, kids and my dad were there and supported me along the course and cheered me on as I crossed the finish line. That was a pretty amazing experience.

Highlight of running or biggest accomplishment:

My biggest accomplishment would have to be the Ironman Florida Race which I completed for the first time in 2013. It is an experience /journey that I will never forget from the moment I began training until I ran down that finishing chute and crossed that incredible finish line. There are no words to describe the journey that gets you there and the many emotions you experience on that incredibly long race day.

Favorite thing about running:

My favorite thing about running is the amazing people and friendships I have made over the years.  I love being a part of this running community and I love the people who are a part of it. Running encourages me to push my body to limits I sometimes feel I can’t reach and it is such a rush when I push through those limits.

Favorite quote:  “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.”

Thank you Lisa. Good luck with your training and races!

Published on September 19, 2014

Would you be interested in being our Featured Member. Please send us an email:media@palmbeachroadrunners.com to learn more.

Youth Scholarship &


We invite all PBRR Members to join us in congratulating the 2017 Youth Scholarship Award Winners. We will recognize this year’s recipients with a presentation on Wednesday, June 21st at 6:30 pm at Cardinal Newman High School in WPB.

We encourage our members to come and recognize these young athletes. An Awards Presentation is always better with plenty of fans and applause! Cardinal Newman H.S. is centrally located at 512 Spencer Drive, WPB, FL 33409. Our Youth Scholarship Awards Night will be held in the Auditorium/Cafeteria, which is located BEHIND the Main Campus buildings. See map below.


The applications for the Palm Beach Roadrunners Warrior Running Camp Youth Scholarship are in. Selections are being made now.

  • Who: Scholarships are available for local Middle and High School Runners
  • What: Fun Summer Running Camp
  • When: Sunday, July 23rd, 2016 – Friday, July 28th, 2017
  • Where: Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida
  • Why:  To help you prepare for your upcoming cross country season with a great week of running and fun!
  • Cost:  $430 (covers room and board for the week)  
  • The Warrior Running Camp in Florida is going to be the most RIDICULOUSLY FUN running camp of the entire summer with a large variety of summer campsports, games, and activities! This exciting Running Camp is designed for middle school and high school aged runners 12-17 years old.  Running camp campers are separated into smaller groups based on their running ability! This allows for a fun and safe running camp experience where campers will feel comfortable and have a great time!

Download Application Form 2017: YouthApplication2017
Application deadline: Thursday May 25, 2016

Warrior Camp
Warrior Running Camp Website: Click here

Questions about the scholarship? Please contact media@palmbeachroadrunners.com


“Dear Palm Beach Roadrunners,

Thank you so much for the scholarship to the Warrior Running Camp.  I had a wonderful time!  I learned a lot about running and how to be both a better teammate as well as a leader.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught me new running techniques and form.  I enjoyed being able to spend time with people who share my same interests.  I made a lot of new friends and bonded with my teammates.  I learned many new things that I will share with my cross country and track team.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity that I otherwise may not have had.  I really appreciate your generosity and the opportunity to attend the Warrior Running Camp.

Thank you for a great week and one that I will never forget.

Sincerely, Julia Volpi”



“Thank you to all on the Palm Beach Roadrunners Team for enabling me to attend the Warrior Running Camp this year. I had so much fun at the camp, I learned a lot, and overall my team and I had an amazing experience. Thank you so much!! Annie Allmark”




(updated 6/19/17)
It’s always a good idea to contact the group run leader to make sure that there have not been any last-minute changes to the schedule.


Mondays – Morning

  • 5:30 AM – 7:00 AM – Jupiter High School Track
    Military Trail and Toney Penna Drive
    Open to the public for workouts and run training
    Bring water, group size variable.
    (Not open on Holidays)

Mondays – Evening

  • 6:15 PM – Dyer Park
    Dyer Park, Haverhill Rd and Beeline Highway
    HIlls, paved running paths – meet by soccer field at base of hill.
    All levels welcome.
    Contact: Ulrike “Gabby” Vernachio – ulrikerun@bellsouth.net

Tuesdays – Morning

  • 5:00 AM/5:20 AM start – Blue Heron Bridge
    Blue Heron Blvd., Meet at NE parking lot, Phil Foster Park.
    Hill repeats
    Contact:  Gary Walk, 561-820-0314
    Parking and restrooms at Phil Foster Park
    All levels welcome.

Tuesdays – Evening 

  • 6:00 PM  –  Flagler Drive Mile Repeats
    Meet at the Fountains Narcissus/Clematis Street, WPB.
    Contact:  Gary Walk, 561-820-0314
    All levels welcome.
  • 6:00 PM  –  Run & Roll Power Walk (3-4 miles)
    Meet at Run & Roll, 330 Clematis Street, WPB.
    Contact: Patti Kadis, Run & Roll, 561-650-1200
    All levels welcome.
  • 6:30 PM  –  Fun Runners – Speed Workout (for all ability levels)
    Meet at Loggerhead Park, US-1 Juno Beach
    Contact: Coach Hamed Kian, 561-406-3538
    All levels welcome.
  • 6:30 PM  –  Fit 2 Run Fun Run
    The Mall at Wellington Green
    Contact: Brenda at Fit 2 Run, 561-753-9343
    All levels welcome.

Wednesdays – Morning

  • 5:30 AM – 7:00 AM – Jupiter High School Track
    Military Trail and Toney Penna Drive
    Open to the public for workouts and run training
    Bring water, group size variable.
    (Not open on Holidays)

Wednesdays – Evening

  • 6:30 PM  –  Run & Roll Beer Run/Pub Crawl (2nd Weds of each month)
    Meet at Run & Roll, 330 Clematis Street, WPB.
    Contact: Patti Kadis, Run & Roll, 561-650-1200
    All levels welcome.

Thursdays – Morning

  • 5:30 AM  –  Benjamin H.S. Track – coached workout
    Jupiter (Central Blvd. South of Donald Ross Road), Coached Interval Workout.
    Contact:  Gary Walk, 561-820-0314

*** We will resume using the Benjamin Track again on Thu, June 1st.

All levels welcome. Seriously ~ This is NOT a competitive track meet, come and run intervals with all ages and abilities! Great training for races and general fitness.

Thursdays – Evening

  • 6:30 PM  – Clematis by Night Run (4.2 miles)
    Meet at Run & Roll on Clematis Street, WPB.
    Contact:   runalotpatti@bellsouth.net 
    The run is in conjunction with the Thursday Night on Clematis. Music, beer & food.  Run along beautiful Flagler Dr. 4.2 miles. All levels, kids, dogs. Water/Gatorade at the turn-a-round.
  • 6:30 PM  –  Fun Runners – Tempo Workout
    Meet at Loggerhead Park, US-1 Juno Beach
    Contact:  Coach Hamed Kian, 561-406-3538
    All levels welcome.
  • 6:30 PM  – Fit 2 Run Fun Run
    The Mall at Wellington Green
    Contact: Brenda, Fit 2 Run, 561-753-9343
    All levels welcome. After the run, fraternize with runners and beverages!

Saturdays – Morning

  • 6:00 AM  –  Run & Roll Store Run (4-24 miles)
    Meet at Run & Roll, 330 Clematis Street, WPB.GroupRunPostoffice
    Contact:  BobAnderson34@gmail.com
    Group runs from 4-24 miles. Water/Gatorade provided on the course.  For your convenience, store opens at 5:30 am. The run will take you into Palm Beach along the ocean up to the Palm Beach Inlet and back along Lake Trail.
  • 6:00 AM  –  PBRR North County Saturday Group Run
    (From 5 up to 12 miles, options for more miles for marathon and ultra runners)
    Meet at Dunkin Donuts, Plaza La Mer, Juno Beach
    NW Corner of US 1 and Donald Ross Rd.
    We park in the large parking lot west of Dunkin Donuts, leaving the spots in front of Dunkin clear for their many weekend customers. (Thank you!)
    Contact: Dave Masterson, 561-818-3567  dave@palmbeachroadrunners.com
    Group long run – distances from 5-20+ miles. All levels welcome. Very popular (50-100 runners). Meet friends, group long run,  increase endurance and have fun. Water and sports drink on-course (3 stops). Popular runner gathering at DD afterward!


Join today and experience the rewards of membership! When you join PBRR, you become part of Palm Beach County’s premier running community. Founded by runners just like you, we’ve grown into a diverse organization with members of all ages and abilities, drawn together by our shared belief in the power of running to improve health, fitness, and overall well-being. So whether you’re a couch potato looking to leave the remote behind, a weekend warrior looking to get back in the groove, a serious competitor looking for a new challenge or someone somewhere in between, PBRR can help you to unlock your personal potential and enjoy the benefits of lifelong fitness. You can join us on your own, or with your family. We serve more than 3,000 runners and walkers each year in all 50 states, and around the world.

Membership benefits

  • Preferred entry prices to  Palm Beach Roadrunners’ premier races: Race 4 the Pies, Classics by the Sea 5K/10K, The Shamrock Run 5K/10 Miler
  • Subscription to monthly publication – South Florida Running Forum
  • 10% discount at Run and Roll, Fit2Run, and Tri-Running Sports.
  • Access to exclusive members-only race day tent at Palm Beach Roadrunners’ races and other selected races.
  • Exciting club social events.
  • Discount codes for local races, free race entry raffles, and other surprises.
  • Access to water stops at Saturday group runs in Juno Beach and West Palm Beach.
  • Support Palm Beach County middle/high school students to attend running camp.
  • Several weekly group runs for all levels: track, bridges, hills, long runs, etc.
  • Mingle with like-minded runners in our community, make friends and have fun!

The 41st Annual Shamrock 10 Miler, 5K & Kid’s Lil’ Leprechaun

Saturday, March 11th at 7:15am
John Prince Park, Lake Worth

Race Schedule

  • 10 Miler begins at 7:15am
  • 5K begins at 7:30am
  • Kid’s Lil Leprechaun (for Leprechauns age 7 & under) begins at 9:00am.

The Palm Beach Roadrunners has chosen The Autism Project of Palm Beach County to be the club’s designated race beneficiary. A portion of of the race proceeds will be donated to the Foundation. All proceeds from this business venture benefit the programs and services of The Autism Project of Palm Beach County.