Youth Scholarship &


We thank all PBRR Members for joining us in congratulating the 2017 Youth Scholarship Award Winners. We recognized this year’s recipients with a presentation at Cardinal Newman High School in WPB. They are:

Jurni Juergen
Annanya Argawal
Samuel Munera
Sebastian Gamarra
Katie Berndt
Hermano Cherilus
Tina Daughtry
Kurt Jaeger
Alicia Cook

Xavier Pierre
Hailey Smallwood
Joe Lopez
Charles Richardson
Jose Vergara
Julia Volpi
Isaac Nye
Rudolph Adonis
Katherine Bojanowski

The 18 Athletes will attend Warrior Running Camp for one week, beginning on July 23rd.

  • The Warrior Running Camp in Florida is going to be the most RIDICULOUSLY FUN running camp of the entire summer with a large variety of summer campsports, games, and activities! This exciting Running Camp is designed for middle school and high school aged runners 12-17 years old.  Running camp campers are separated into smaller groups based on their running ability! This allows for a fun and safe running camp experience where campers will feel comfortable and have a great time!

Warrior Camp
Warrior Running Camp Website: Click here

Questions about the scholarship? Please contact

“Dear Palm Beach Roadrunners,

Thank you so much for the scholarship to the Warrior Running Camp.  I had a wonderful time!  I learned a lot about running and how to be both a better teammate as well as a leader.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught me new running techniques and form.  I enjoyed being able to spend time with people who share my same interests.  I made a lot of new friends and bonded with my teammates.  I learned many new things that I will share with my cross country and track team.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity that I otherwise may not have had.  I really appreciate your generosity and the opportunity to attend the Warrior Running Camp.

Thank you for a great week and one that I will never forget.


Julia Volpi”

“Thank you to all on the Palm Beach Roadrunners Team for enabling me to attend the Warrior Running Camp this year. I had so much fun at the camp, I learned a lot, and overall my team and I had an amazing experience.

Thank you so much!!

Annie Allmark”