Dave Masterson

Hello Palm Beach Roadrunner Dave Masterson.

How many miles per week do you run? Three days per week, usually about 28-30mi. More if I train for a longer event, perhaps 40-45mi per week. DaveM

When and why did you start running? I was “dared” into entering the Susan Komen Race For the Cure in 1999 by co-workers. It was a challenge from ex-basketball players to myself, at the time having never run 3 miles ever, no high school or college experience. A fun race followed by later training with a neighbor that was entered in the Disney marathon – that kept me involved past that first “dare” of a race.

Why do you run? I’ve gained plenty of friends through the social aspects of running. I really enjoy the time alone in my head that running affords. It is fantastic being able to practice wherever in the world I travel because I get to see things way beyond tourist sites and landmarks. Competing in races is fun, but it amounts to a small percentage of the time I actually spend on my feet. With an accelerated heart rate I’ve run at all hours of the day, on the beach, through cities, over mountains and on some famous roads and race courses. More recently, I’m growing to favor the pacing and informal coaching side of running. I get a great vibe when I help others. Running is a wonderful way to that end!

Currently training for: Boston 2014. Beyond that, I have an open schedule for a change.

Do you prefer to run alone or in a group? I prefer group running. Sharing stories and catching up with friends is paramount to my running experience. Yes, I do let others talk during the runs, despite scattered reports suggesting otherwise!

 I am easily impressed by folks who redefine themselves physically and mentally through the discipline of running.

Favorite race, run or distance: I feel very comfortable at the marathon distance. I’ve done enough of them so as to get a successful training and nutrition formula sorted for myself. Seeing the plan come together despite conditions on race day is rewarding.

Most memorable race or run? The swing of events that was Boston 2013. A great race weekend up north, a PR race among friends, and the unthinkable tragedy that played out following my finish. I am very connected to this event and to many people that were also present to see the best and worst of what people are capable of.

Highlight of running or biggest accomplishment: Pacing and helping athletes reach their goals.

Dream run, race or accomplishment:  I would like to tackle some of the larger endurance trail runs like Western States 100 and France’s UTMB in future years. I’d mix these trips with vacation, that’s a proven good formula for me.

Favorite thing about running: Experiencing running with my friends and son that share the sport through training and racing with me.

Who/what inspires you? I observing and watching those better than me train and compete. The Olympic middle and long distance athletes are amazing. Scott Jurek, Killian Jornet and Tim Olsen make ultra trail running interesting to follow. The 60+ year old crowd of marathoners I know captivate me with their stories. I am easily impressed by folks who redefine themselves physically and mentally through the discipline of running.

Favorite quote: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, “‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ ” ~ Muhammad Ali

Published on April 13, 2014

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